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This group is for general discussion and announcements about upcoming networking activity, etc. for Alumni of all affiliates of MAI, Basic Four, International, Software, Sorbus, TriCon, Wordstream, .... You can also communicate privately with the other members of this group.  If you are new to the group, please post an introduction - let us know who you are and what you think.  Feel free to include when and where you worked for the company.

Time and time again, we hear, "those folks from Basic Four, sure knew their stuff".  Share some of your stuff with the rest of the group, whether you worked there for a month or more, or with any of the sister companies worldwide.

As a member of MAI Basic Four Alumni you have access to shared calendar, discussion forums, member profiles, photo gallery, file storage and more. We encourage you to upload your photo, complete your profile and participate!

*UPCOMING MAI ALUMNI REUNION 11/13 IN IRVINE, CA (Click on Communicate, then Group Blogs - above).  Respond on the discussion group so your friends know your coming! 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please RSVP at the following site, so we can give the hotel a headcount:  www.socializr.com/event/546490062

Also, see photo gallery and add your pics from those old Minoltas.




-Dan McCobb, Email: dmmcobb@elsmg.com
Basic Four Account Manager in Irvine, CA, and Director Sales Training at Corporate in Tustin. 1981 to 1989     

Happy to connect on Linked-In at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dmccobb 

Or be followed on Twitter at:  http://twitter.com/danmccobb

Stay tuned for a job posting site!



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